Justice For Caylee?

So today is the day that the jury in the much publicized Casey Anthony case declared “Not Guilty” to all charges of murder except for providing false information to law enforcement. For all those who have been following this case since the beginning: I have regained my faith in the American Legal System. Why? You might say something to the effect of: “BREAKING NEWS FLORIDA LEGALIZED MURDER, LOLZ!1!” or “OMFG! I’M SHOCKED! JUSTICE IN AMERICA CASEY WALKS NO JUSTICE FOR BABY CAYLEE.” Sour grapes, my droogies. One of her attorneys, Jose Baez may be a douche all around, but somehow, the the son-of-a-boricua bitch pulled it off. Respect. 

Like it or not, the justice system DID  in fact work in this case. I personally suspect something that we’re not being told by neither the media or the court case. I watched most of the trial and just felt there was something we were not being told about the family that wanted kept hidden. The evidence against Casey was mostly circumstantial and certainly NOT proven beyond a reasonable doubt…not guilty on counts 1-3 was the ONLY sensible verdict all bias aside. I personally thought she would receive a guilty verdict on the manslaughter charge, but alas I was wrong. The smoking gun was absent in this case. She took pics of her hardy partying habits even well after the media attention of her daughter’s disappearance. Check. She’s a chronic liar. Double check. She’s one creepy chick. Triple check. But character analysis and deconstructing doesn’t cut it. In the United States of America, you have to be proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. This is not a system of mob rule. You need evidence to make a conviction and there was not enough. I don’t care how many witless herds and blood-thirsty mobs call for her head.

Oh and on that note: I see many people invoking Dexter in regards to the Casey Anthony getting off the hook. On the Dexter Facebook fanpage one message reads: “You’re in Miami…not even half a days drive come & get her!” To everyone saying Casey should be killed: Okay retards, do you not realize that if she is, a prosecutor could charge you with conspiracy to commit 1st degree? The United States Constitution won. We won. It’s over, get the fuck over it. Yet, Casey Anthony’s life won’t ever be the same after this. In the end, she’ll probably “write” a book and get a huge deal out of it. Maybe make some lame reality show. Whatever. The life of her daughter however remains another story.


  1. Get the “F” over it?……………..I’ve got a prediction for you. Maybe she won’t make a book deal or a movie. Maybe she’ll be MURDERED the same way she MURDERED her daughter and the person who commits the crime will hide her body long enough to get away with it. Chew on that for a while……..


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