Month: February 2012

The Reception of the Grapes

So after a long deliberation, I decided to post my own personal Gospel that I wrote, online here at The Aeon Eye. The story behind the writing of this Gospel was that I was eating some grapes in my kitchen, and I instantly received some sort of clear as day, an instant flash of inspiration ripped through me. I saw how the grapes reflect some sort of macrocosm in the spiritual realm with the aeons and so forth. It’s just one of those moments that you can never be prepared for; it just happened with a snap of a finger. And after that heightened moment of awareness, I had an urge to write and describe what I was feeling and seeing, and so I purged all those sensations and wrote this. Enjoy.

—Alexander R aka AeonEye


The Reception of the Grapes

The Holy Day upon the second and the twelfth, the Aeon of Aeons illuminates upon the cascading stems of the grapevine. Because the grapes flourish in the Gardens of Light, many seek its flowing juices, but few find it in the immortal generation. The juices that flow from each grape contain the flowing waters where the light image is reflected. It glistens with delight, in knowledge and in truth, under the canopy of the All. Because, it is sweet, it refreshes the taste and the tongue of the beholder—for it drives away all thirst and hunger pangs.

Within each grape contains an image of the All, for the All is the multiplicity and in the singular, within the secret core and in the dirt and the gutter. For the clusters and family of grapes also contain the image of the family of the self-generated Aeons, in the first and in the twelfth, for they exist in a perfection and an immutable harmony. It is they who bear fruit, for it fills all hunger and all death. For Wisdom dwelt secretly in the Garden, and through a seductive whisper, the daughter of the voice, she imparted the grapes of knowledge, the gift of the (perfect) gnosis into the breath and body of the prime parents, Adam and Eve. And it is they who bore fruit and multiplied the perfection and brought the amplified ripening rays of light upon the immortal generation.

Just as the Aeons exist in a family tree, the grapes likewise generate into succeeding generations, each containing the flowing juices of the sweet. For no eye has seen, and no ear has heard and no fleshy tongue has speaketh the waves of the water of life. You must drink and consume it, for it is given freely upon all who attain it and overcome themselves and the world. Behold! It flows freely yet it is not sensed with any carnal faculty. When the grapes are eaten, and consumed, the mouth and body become a winepress for its free flowing and downward pour, like rain nourishing the crops of the earth. For the Sovereign One reaps what he has sown the seed into the aeons he has begotten, and in the perfect light. For his name is secret yet is widely known to all—for Wisdom understandeth his utterance and his call and repeats his beckoning to those willing to hear.

For all those who seek in strenuous effort, continue to strive until the realization has arrived and dissolved unto its root. For those who have sought find only themselves and none other! For finding the fruit has come with a great price, and a terrible deed. But rejoice! For through death, life was possible to be found. For I have drunken from the well-spring which giveth life for the rippling fields bear wheat and crops of all manner and all likeness. But the grape vine’s roots belong in an eternal heritage. In the Winter of the World, the seeds are sown, in the Spring, the trees start to bear rising and sprouting seedlings, in the Summer Harvest, they appear in vast clusters and it is these that do not rot or whither upon the vines even if left unattended for it has no need to be attended. For the immortal vine does not bare death and imperfection, but gives forth a multitude of fruit ripened into perfection in the four elements.

For in the height of Summer, the grapes are harvested and collected into a barn, in order to be eaten and consumed and made into fine wine. Was it not the Son of the First Man, the Sovereign One that had made water into wine at the Wedding Feast? For indeed it is true—the Kingdom is like a wedding feast, and the Sons of the Living One will be robed with glorious garments by the Son to all his guests. It is they who will be called first in the Kingdom. It is they who will be called his friends. The grapes glisten in the Son’s rays, for the truth bears this fruit and can withstand any grievance or opposition. Sacrifice not, for it is written that those who sacrifice the bodies of the slain are accursed! Blood is on their hands. It is they who eat from the tree of ignorant chaos and it is they who dwell in barren poverty. It is also written that there is no good tree that produces corrupt, rotting fruit, nor is there a bad tree that produces good, ripe fruit. For those who sacrifice the fruit unto themselves as a Temple of the Holy Spirit is blessed and is likened unto something brighter than even a thousand, shining and blinding suns. For even the sun is not fit or able to capture the immortal and unshakeable generation of the Father.

Does the Book of Philip not say that “faith is our earth. It is that in which we take root. Hope is the water which nourishes us. Love is the wind through which we grow. Knowledge is the light by which we ripen.”?  It is truth that is sweet and cool, without a hint of bitterness and tastelessness. It bursts with the flavors of love and kindness even in this great burden that we carry when we gather our tools to toil under the midday sun and sow its seeds to grow in the seasons. While, it is true that there is indeed nothing new under the sun, it is these pleasures that the Sovereign One has afforded us. When one aims and achieves the love and will, no object of desire remains, for the knower and the known dissolve into one body and one conjugal unity. This is how the image of the hot exists in a perfect unit, for it drives out all cold winds of fruitless desire and ignorance. For charity and love only giveth without condition or rule or law; it does not take nor demand.

The birds chirp their song upon the branches in the present, where the grapes grow and ripen. Like the Aeons, the trees bear fruit of both knowledge and of life in the true dwelling place, whereas the jealous Archigenetor who is a laughingstock to even his own imperfect creation, had denied both of this knowledge and life to the children of light when he had cast out the primal parents in an unrighteous rebuke and decree. However, it is both Wisdom and Sovereignty in superiority, conjoined into one unit, that has descended into and back from the abyss and anointed the natural man the free gift of spirit and eternal life. The seed of eternity is already planted within the soul of man. Do you not know that you are not just made of blood, flesh and bone? It is this same gift in where you shall draw peace and strength from. It is they who shine the true light upon it to grow. It is they who have offered forgiveness for the repentant. It is they who are the authors of the spirit, embraced in a Reception of the Grapes who have etched their names within the inner and wicked spirit of gloom and darkness rent asunder in a grand spectacle of a blazing fire. Blessed be the saints who die the death of the fiery baptism, for it is they who will drink the nectar from the cluster of grapes and the final baptism in the spring of the Living Water.

Wisdom (Sophia) is both the Virginal Mother, and Sultry Harlot—in her naked glory, the treasure trove of the divine heights, she bestows the knighted with an investiture and a crown of life, as the angels, thrones and the archangels assist her in a descent and an ascension in the beam of mine eye. Glory unto thee! Glory to eternal heights! May the Sovereign One abide and fortify in the Aeon, for this Aeon is without Beginning nor End, neither Alpha nor Omega. Truly! A cluster of grapes contains the image of the solitary and the breadth of the immortal ones in a branching ladder of descent and ascent. Believe and feel my words, and see this truth as self-evident. For the Kingdom is a god-producing land and has many trees of grapes and every other manner of fruit, and is free to be eaten by the free and great, in an excess of liberation and forever away from a bitter slavery. Tears are to be no more, for only a bounty of joy exists, not in a future even nor in the far away past—behold! Tremble before the present, and receive the gift of grapes for you will be first! Amen.