Month: December 2013

A Gnostic Holiday Greeting

Happy Holidays everyone. The title is very tongue-in-cheek but in all seriousness, I want to dedicate some space to speak on a conversational level to the reader while reflecting on what on the past of this blog and the direction its headed. In the spirit of giving, I thought I’d share a few thoughts that I’ve been having lately. The true Joy and Merry Spirit dwells within you. It is not of this world and in no way connected with the seasons, Saturn worship or material goods (although none of these things are inherently bad). This joy is accompanied with a special kind knowledge; it is this knowledge that sets one free as mentioned in John 8:32 by the Savior. It is experiential as well as it is intellectual. This knowledge also corresponds with the three natures or aspects of the Self: being spirit, soul and flesh.

Let’s be honest. This world is Hell (or at least bordering it); it is a place of ignorant darkness and you’re smack dab in the middle of its death grip. The universe is a cavernous prison and ruled over by forces that do not want you to get out. Every day peoples lives are ruined, minds are tormented, and hearts are broken. Many spend their holidays alone and wallow in poverty. Creatures of all kinds are abused and slaughtered without mercy. Japanese toxic waste quietly poisons the world ecosystem. All geo-political and financial forces work tirelessly to create an even greater divide between the rich and poor, resembling a feudal system until their unfettered greed blows up in their faces. All your digital and electronic activities are recorded. Natural disasters strike when you least expect it. History as we know it is a monumental fabrication. We do not see eye to eye with others and justice is abandoned for profit and gain. Evil and conflict do indeed exist.

In many ways, Siddhartha Gautama was ultimately correct. Life is suffering and ultimately unsatisfactory. Material existence isn’t pure joy. And yet, the Gnostic science fiction author Philip K. Dick would suggested that those who had it good in life don’t ask the big questions while the down-trodden seek a way out in every way they can:

“There is a very curious point that I see here for the first time. Those persons on whom the artifact, through its projected world, heaps pleasure and rewards are less likely to take a stance against it and its world. They are not highly motivated to disobey it. But those who are punished by the artifact, on whom pain and suffering are inflicted — those persons would be motivated to ask ultimately questions as to the nature of the entity ruling their lives.”

Until you sink to the depths of sorrow and privation, one could never understand. Pleasure is also a double-edged sword. Even when you eat tons of cake, you will eventually get sick of it and have stomach aches, if not a food coma or diabetic shock. The God of Truth extends his benevolent hand to the down trodden, he offers them rest. The counterfeit spirit of the world only exists to confuse and blind you. The blind lead the blind, falling into the pit while very few who are brave enough go down the rabbit hole and are shown the truth. They say the truth hurts but do they really know what it feels like? Just like apples fall from a tree, all of creation has fallen short of the glory of the hidden God. Yet, the apple never falls far from the tree. In God exists our ultimate origin and destiny. We too contain a spark of life, of his glory—his DNA is encoded within us. But how often do you see an apple climb back up its tree and replant itself? Just as the Valentinian Gospel of Truth tells us:

And the Spirit came to him in haste when it raised him. Having given its hand to the one lying prone on the ground, it placed him firmly on his feet, for he had not yet stood up.

We stand firmly in the truth that we are hold the keys of knowledge of our origins, our present situation and our ultimate destiny. Simon Magus wasn’t the only Standing One. We all can be Standing Ones when we attain the keys of knowledge, the stone of philosophy and a crown of victory. We are eternal spirits entrapped in the perverse order of created matter and yet within us lies the secret to transcend and transform into something far greater than the god of this world could ever conceive. This is the sole reason why the God of the Old Testament is always jealous of man and other gods. Despite all the bad shit that happens in the bad dream we call “reality”, at the same time, don’t take life so seriously and yet don’t take what you already have for granted. It’s a mixed bag like everything else. The Law of Attraction is also at work here, despite what many naysayers who have no idea what they’re talking about will say. It all rests in Pistis or “faith” or “belief” of the beholder. Another Valentinian text, the Interpretation of Knowledge says the very same sentiment expressed in this post:

Now the world is the place of unfaith and the place of death. … A holy thing is the faith to see the likeness. The opposite is unfaith in the likeness.

See? Belief and faith isn’t all that bad. It’s just dogmatism and static literalism that keeps your divine imagination at bay. All the blood and tears, time and energy put into research and writing all this stuff has been an effort to realize and recollect certain truths that already knew on a latent and dormant level, ready to be unearthed like a jinni in a lamp. Every post have something new and exciting tidbits that I discovered along with the reader. Myth, legend and religion exist to put images, archetypes and fantastic stories to the truth just as the Gospel of Philip would tell us that truth did not enter naked into the world.

Gnosis really has helped transform my life more and more each day as I gather blades of inspiration from other fields such as alchemy, ancient medicine, the wisdom texts of Solomon, the Corpus Hermeticum, the Manichaean Kephalaia, the Bhagavad Gita, Plato, Aristotle and Stoicism. Plato’s transformative vision of the divine beauty expressed in many of his writings, such as the Republic, the Symposium, Timaeus, Phaedo and Phaedrus also point the same eternal truths expressed in certain texts of the OT and NT, the Nag Hammadi Codices, and many quotations and paraphrases of the Church Fathers. They all have made a certain impact on my own personal vision and life, and they will certainly change yours. Pick them all up, study their words and maybe it will all eventually click and see the “likeness”.

That’s all I have time for this week and next. 2014 for the Aeon Eye Blog will be even bigger as I have many things in store for it, including fascinating more interviews with guests, Part 3 and 4 of my commentary of the Great Declaration, the exciting conclusion of the Forbidden Fruit series, and much, much more. Very soon, we will also be getting our very own domain name. And with all that, I wish you a Merry Gnosis. May the New Year bring everyone good tidings and unexpected blessings!

Blessing Hand ICXC


— Alex

Interview: Tracy R. Twyman


While this isn’t my first interview by any means, this however, is my very first audio podcast. This audio podcast features a very special guest, the author Tracy R Twyman. For those of you who aren’t familiar with her work, she has authored many books such as Money Grows on the Tree of Knowledge, Solomon’s Treasure: The Magic and Mystery of America’s Money, The Merovingian Mythos and many other great articles on the web going back 10 years. She has also been on Jesse Ventura’s television program Conspiracy Theory, Ground Zero Media and Coast 2 Coast. I personally think she’s done some great research regarding not only esoteric and occult subjects, but also work regarding America’s financial system, the CIA and mind-control, and many political subjects that is in the currently in the news. The subject of the Aeon Eye Podcast #1 is the ever so mysterious and occult figure of Baphomet. which is also the subject of her forth-coming book and a cruise! Also be sure to read my own deconstruction of Baphomet and Abraxas.

Please listen and enjoy! Aeon Eye Podcast #1

Tracy In the Library

A Luciferian Interview: Jeremy Crow

Jeremy Crow is a Luciferian/Left-Hand Path Occultist based in Toronto, Canada. He’s also part of the electro/drum ‘n bass group, Pleasure the Priestess. I’ve also interviewed him on the Youtube show, Aeon Arcanum with my co-host Karl James Smith (I’m the guy with the glasses). Recently, I asked him to take part of a Q & A session because of his Light-bringing intelligentsia and fiery Promethean Gnostic spirit that fits very well with the general theme of this blog. This is the result of our dialogue. Enjoy the interview!

Three Eyed Crow

1. How do you think Left-Hand Path Luciferianism and ancient, Nag-Hammadi styled Gnosticism are alike and do they differ in any specific differences, including perhaps encratic/asceticism in contrast with antinomian libertinism?

I think modern Luciferianism differs from historical Gnosticism in a number of ways. For instance, Gnosticism tended not to deviate very far from the Judeo-Christian mythos. They certainly had their own way of looking at it compared to the mainstream Christian traditions that developed and they definitely were influenced by other cultures, however it was not nearly as syncretic as modern Luciferianism. Luciferians of today borrow heavily from a very wide range of mythologies and spiritual systems both ancient and modern. For a few examples, Prometheus is almost universally considered by Luciferians as a “Lucifer” (literally “Light Bringer”) as well as characters such as the serpent from the biblical Eden story, the Norse god Odin and the Sumerian god Enki. Many even consider the Gnostic Christ to be a Lucifer.

There is a basic story arc that these various Light Bringers typically follow: The providing of forbidden knowledge to an oppressed people, punishment of the emancipator from the established authorities and finally the redemption of the light bringer. The actual practices are also wildly divergent, even among modern Luciferians. You often see more extreme forms of practice in historical forms of Gnosticism when compared with modern practitioners. Take for example the Cathar practice of avoiding reproduction in order to avoid providing physical bodies so as not to enable the Archons to imprison souls in the flesh. That is a form of extreme fundamentalist dualism that I think would be very difficult to find among modern Luciferians.

2. Do you equate Lucifer with Satan or do you consider them two distinct entities?

My thoughts on this have evolved over time. Really, “Lucifer” and “Satan” are just words that are used to convey ideas. Are those two ideas the same? To some people, they certainly are. To start with, I think it’s important to know that Lucifer is a Latin word that means “Bringer of Light” or “Bearer of Light” and that Satan is a Hebrew word that means “Adversary.” When I was first getting into Gnosticism I used the word “Lucifer” to personify the liberating truth and “Satan” to personify the demiurgic force that tries to maintain control through suppressing the truth. It was a very Manichean or dualistic way of looking at things. Now I see Lucifer and Satan more as the two primary ways of relating to the aspects of reality that we find disturbing and have a hard time accepting or integrating. For someone who is not ready to accept these difficult truths, it is more of an adversarial relationship – Satan guarding the gates of Hell from the intrusions of the unwary for their own protection. When we become mature enough and brave enough to effectively integrate the shadow, it becomes Lucifer initiating you into the forbidden knowledge. The lens has changed.

Satan In His Original Glory - William Blake (1805)

3. H.P. Blavatsky and Aleister Crowley have both exerted an enormous influence on modern Luciferian thought. Do you think its possible that John Milton’s Paradise Lost could be the origination of the celebration or deification of Lucifer?

That’s an interesting question. Technically, Milton’s Paradise Lost doesn’t mention Lucifer at all. It’s a story about Satan. Milton apparently didn’t intend Satan to be the protagonist although that is how it turned out. Certainly it has inspired some to sympathize with Satan and his plight. It has also been one of the major pieces of literature that led to the identification of Satan with the serpent in Eden as well as with the word Lucifer as found in the KJV version of the bible. For a very long time, the word Lucifer was not associated with Satan. Not until the KJV came out did people start thinking of Lucifer as equivalent to Satan. To this day, the Catholic Church does not see the word Lucifer as equivalent to Satan or even as something bad at all. There was even a Bishop who took on the ecclesiastical name Lucifer and was later canonized.

I would also like to mention that Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein was essentially an updated retelling of Paradise Lost, where the monster becomes the anti-hero style protagonist and Dr. Frankenstein is the uncaring and cold hearted creator. In the book, the monster actually reads Paradise Lost and sympathizes with Satan. Mary’s husband Percy Bysshe Shelley also wrote a lyrical drama called Prometheus Unbound, which he prefaces with a note stating that Prometheus is essentially the Satan character but in a different cultural context in which he is actually appreciated by the people he helped emancipate. Paradise Lost has been and remains an important and influential piece of literature, especially for those on a Left Hand Path.

4. How does the dual symbols of Lucifer and Satan tie into the concept of the HGA (The Holy Guardian Angel)? Could this dichotomy be compared to Carl Jung’s thought on the Shadow Self?

I alluded to this above and will elaborate here. The way I see it can be easily described with reference to Jung’s concept of the Shadow. Before I get into that, I want to make it clear that I think the modern concept of the Holy Guardian Angel as something you need to spend years trying to gain knowledge of and conversation with in order to determine your True Will is a load of crap. This kind of thinking amounts to a lot of busy-work, doing the same basic rituals over and over for years and rarely yielding any greater insight into your life’s purpose or progress toward achieving it. It is my suggestion that you likely already know what inspires you. Pick a goal in line with that and work at it as hard as you can. It will evolve or even dramatically change as you go along and that’s how it should be. If you genuinely don’t know what inspires you, explore as much as you can until you find your muse! If nothing else, you will develop your personality in the process.

The original concept of the personal guardian angel was a usually undetectable influence that subtly keeps you from harm. The Shadow, as a repository of all that you have rejected about yourself and the suppressed memories of traumatic events is frightening for the very reason that this material is potentially damaging. It was knowledge that was so disturbing or incomprehensible that your mind segregated it from consciousness so that you would not go insane. Personified, it is Satan or Hades, making sure that the damned souls and demonic entities do not escape the underworld to molest the living. Satan is the guardian angel. What many modern occultists sometimes refer to as “shadow work” is an attempt to explore the contents of this rejected personal truth (aka “forbidden knowledge”) and to heal and integrate it into the conscious mind. This work seeks to overcome the natural feelings of fear and revulsion and look upon the Shadow not as an adversarial guardian but as an initiator – the devil is transformed into an angel of light, so to speak. Eventually we should grow beyond the need for these functions to become mature and courageous enough to process difficult truths through a consciously directed process. This is why you hear that once we leap into the Abyss, we leave the HGA behind. At least that is my personal take on the HGA.

5. What are your thoughts on Chaos Magick and creative visualizations associated with ideas such as the Law of Attraction? Does the deific or daemonic (the Platonic daemon) self-identification “I am” formula in the Greek Magical Papyri and the Egyptian Pyramid texts have anything to do with these concepts and ritual practices?

I think that most Luciferians are Chaos Magickians in the sense that they develop their own personal system based on what works for them. They may not call themselves Chaos Magickians, but the basic concept is there. Modern Luciferianism is very personal and tends to be quite syncretic. As far as Creative Visualization, The Secret, the Law of Attraction, or whatever else you want to call it, I do see a lot of validity in that technique. It is important but not sufficient and therein lies the problem. Too many people reduce this to “if I have the right mental attitude and can visualize it strongly enough, it will manifest in my life” and then they spend all their free time in fantasy, never accomplishing anything. If you want something bad enough, you need to work on it from both sides. Continue to do your visualizations but you also need to put in the grunt work on the ground to create ways for it to manifest in your life. If you’re trying to get a certain type of job, wishing and praying for it usually won’t work unless you are also sending out resumes. Too many aspiring occultists spend countless hours trying to develop magickal powers without any idea of what they hope to accomplish with these powers. Usually, those hours would be better spent working toward achieving the same thing using more mundane techniques. I like to think of Creative Visualization and/or Sigil Magick as a method of enhancing the likelihood of succeeding in my conventional efforts. It’s to get that extra edge.

6 On various social media websites (including Facebook and Youtube), you’ve spearheaded an Occupy the Temple movement. Could you elaborate more about this?

Occupy The Temple is an initiative to challenge the status quo of occult organizations and Esoteric Orders. There are many ways of going about doing things that may have been necessary in the past but could be discarded or improved upon for the modern era. Many times, the only reasons these methods persist is because of the reverence for tradition and (more often) because they allow the leaders of these groups to hold and maintain more power over their membership. Occupy The Temple seeks to educate people about these specific issues and to encourage [and where possible, to also provide] alternative ways of doing things. Ideally these changes will be possible to enact within the existing establishments but where it cannot, we encourage individuals to take it upon themselves to defiantly do things the way they feel is right without asking for permission from someone who has taken on a position of authority in their group. Occupy The Temple is a leaderless movement in a manner similar to the hacker collective Anonymous, in that anyone can take up the Occupy The Temple mantle and take direct action without asking permission from anyone. These individuals take both credit and responsibility for their own actions. For examples of issues, I encourage anyone curious to look us up.

Pleasure the Priestess

7. Are there any upcoming musical or book projects to expect, down the pipeline for 2014?

Yes, I have a few things in the works. Pleasure The Priestess is working on a new album which we plan to release on vinyl, cassette tape and digital download sometime in 2014. The new songs are going to be closer to our Industrial roots compared to the more dance music oriented stuff we released in 2013. We’re going to experiment with crowd-funding to help finance the project. We also intend to continue putting out music videos on our YouTube channel. I hope people will check out our channel and if they like what they see, they can show their support by subscribing on YouTube.

As far as books, you can expect to see at least two publications in 2014. One of these is a compilation of articles written by members of the Luciferian Research Society (LRS) mostly on topics of practical occultism. It is therefore a “Book of Shadows” for our community and we intend to publish a series of these over time. If it pays for itself it will be a worthy project, as it will publish the work of aspiring authors and help them get noticed. If it actually generates some income, these funds will be used to support the expenses of the LRS and its official projects. For more info on the LRS, please visit:

I also have a personal project to publish a book containing four original rituals that I have written for use by Left Hand Path occultists. The first three of these are solo rites. The final ceremony is a full lodge initiation which requires five people to perform: Four officers and one candidate for initiation. This group ritual will form the basis of a sort of Open Source Order, as anyone can perform it without asking permission or paying dues to any governing body. No governing body such as a Grand Lodge or Sovereign Sanctuary will even exist in the first place and if someone should try to set one up, it could not be enforced as there will be no oath of secrecy attached to the initiation ceremony. A digital copy of this rite will be freely available to encourage sharing and I will also be publishing and selling physical copies of the book.

Jeremy Crow