Interview: Tracy R Twyman On Baphomet (Part 2)

Tracy R TwymanBaphomet

Tracy R Twyman and I decided to do a Part 2 of an audio interview on the magical and occult mysteries of Baphomet and its connection with John the Baptist, the Teraphim, the Judas goat archetype and much, much more. Tracy also relays one specific fascinating account on her personal communication with the goat demon Baphomet!

Also be sure to check out her illuminating and mind-bending E-Book, The Judas Goat: The Substitution Theory of the Crucifixion.

Click here to listen to the: Aeon Eye Tracy R Twyman Baphomet (Part 2) Interview. 


The Teraphim


  1. Brilliant writing love the forensic and dazzling attention or emphasis you give to some really obscure medieval studies….twenty years ago i received a number of Baphomet dreams which sort of aroused my interest in the subject, was fascinated to learn that in the Atbash hebrew code that the name Baphomet actually converts to the Sophia or baphomet spelt backwards meaning female wisdom. Sophia or or indeed the holy spirit….in my dreams I seem as if transported back in time to wherein I am lost in some powerful revere crying aloud the name of Baphomet KiNG OF KiNG LORD OF LORDS,,, it all ends badly alas as my mouth and lips are sowed together with cat wire…..ouch


      1. Thanks for the immediate feed back, i am guessing that you have also been inspired or encouraged by dreams or seeming past life memories, not something one boasts about, loved the interview with Tracy as with her books she is fearless, her Baphomet seance and relaxed commentary indicates that she is wired into some radical perspectives, as for my own stuff well it has been bubbling away for decades, the dream i mentioned was the only one where i actually name the object of my worship although, in other dreams the image or representation of the Templar god follows the more constructed model of Levi and Crowley in minute detail actually which again is quite odd in that it was years perhaps a decade before i finally deciphered the loaded symbolism of these dreams, thank god for Google, what i found most interesting in your interview with Tracy was the esoteric linking of Baphomet with the head of John the Baptist who also makes a few cameo appearances in my dreams….currently reading all your blogs etc following the quartz to the alchemist gold……


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