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On the Origins and Secrets of the Gnosis (Half)

This is the first of many lectures. On this first lecture, I discuss where the Gnosis possibly originates — the First Temple of Judea. I tackle many other subjects including the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ and how it relates to Easter and what many Zeitgeist mythicists claim to be merely allegories for solar occult rituals. But is there something deeper at play here? I also discuss my upcoming book, The Sun Lady Unveiled: Revelation 12 Decoded, the Virgin Mary/Theotokos, Melchizedek, Saturn symbolism, Mithras, St. Peter, Janus/Aion, and much, much more.

The second half covers more in-depth coverage of Simon Magus’ metaphysics, the secrets of the Gnostic Peratics, Naassenes and Ophites as well as the Gnostic deity, Abrasax!

Links of reference:

Margaret Barker’s article on Jesus and the Gospel of John

The Secrets of Saturn



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