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If you are interested in guest blogging or being interviewed, drop me a line -watcherflame(at)gmail(dot)com.

I am very interested in speaking to other like-minded folk who are into similar subject matters discussed in this site. If you would like me to set up an interview with you, to discuss your work, please let me know. As stated above, I am also open to others who are interested in submitting a guest article that tackles similar subject matter but with your own perspective as well.

I write (occasionally) for other publications as well so feel free to query about that.

Interview: Gabrielle Faust

Guest Article: Unconquerable: How the Early Roman Catholic Church Usurped the Cult of Apollo On Vatican Hill

Interview: Jeffrey Kupperman and Living Theurgy

Interview: Tracy R. Twyman (Part 1)

Interview: Tracy R. Twyman (Part 2)

Interview: Jeremy Crow (Part 1)

Interview: Jeremy Crow (Part 2)

Interview: Stewart Littlejohn

Interview: Robert Sullivan IV

Interview: Asterion Mage

Interview: Agendor

Interview: Scott D. Finch

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