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The Infinity Working Now on Substack and Other Things

Ladies and gentlemen, I am now active on Substack and will be posting my newest series of articles from an essay I’ve been slowly and steadily working on since last year. You can find the first three articles on my Substack profile. I will be posting the rest of the essay, along with other articles that have never been published but for premium subscribers only.

Here is the introduction:

This essay builds upon the conclusions reached in the book The Sun Lady Unveiled. In The Sun Lady Unveiled, and in the essay “Sun Lady Tales,” the subject of the cabalistic Tree of Life and Tree of Death were discussed in their connections to various themes not only found in the Book of Revelation but also in other books of the Bible. In the Western Mystery Tradition, the Tree of Life is used for various magical methods—primarily what is called “pathworking.” This psychic methodology involves clairvoyant exploration of the 22 paths (or modes of consciousness) between the ancient astral, interdimensional structures called “sefirots” on the Tree of Life. In a sense, cabalistic pathworking is also a method of Adam Kadmon to descend and reascend through each sefirot and “four worlds” of emanation—as each sphere is ruled over by a specific archangel and God-name.

This pathworking also includes traversing the dangerous, inverse Qliphothic shells, as well. Could the following universal symbols such as the Tree of Life, Jacob’s Ladder, the New Jerusalem Cube, Metatron’s Cube, the Ouroboros, the Hypercube, the Gnostic Ophite map of creation, among other concepts, be related or intersect with one another as being different fractals of the same whole continuum?

St. Michael is depicted as the mighty “initiatory” angel that inaugurates the Messianic Age when Jesus Christ returns to reclaim the world from Satan’s leasehold. In Coptic Christian magical texts along with the Old Testament texts like Daniel (and Revelation, of course), St. Michael is also elevated to an eschatological proto-messianic figure and protector of Israel and the Church. Michael’s appearance in Revelation also mirrors other accounts such as Matthew 17, which tells us about Jesus’ transfiguration on Mt. Tabor—acting as a sort of bridge between heaven and earth.

Eastern Orthodox theology has long placed great emphasis on this story as the central basis for the Hesychast mystical tradition first formulated by Gregory Palamas in the 14th century. This transfiguration is often referred to as the “Uncreated Light” (also known as the Ein Sof in the cabalistic texts) that Hesychast monks aim to behold in their meditative and contemplative prayer life. This idea is also found in the occult substance known as the “Astral Light” spread throughout the Abyss. We also see variations of this idea in the Platonic “hyperuranion”, cabalistic literature like the Sefer Yeztirah, and the Sefer Bahir, among others.

We will see how all of this is connected to a primeval Apocalypse ritual that must be performed so that the cycle of creation renews—including the “stoicheia” or the lower astral elements of the cosmos—into eternity future. The restoration of the Tree of Life is all part of the continuous loop connecting the End of the World to the restoration of Paradise, and the war between God, Man, and the Devil.

This reality is hinted at by Jesus in the Gospel of Thomas, Logion 18, and Revelation 22:13. Paul says in Romans 8:19-22 about the corruption of matter from humanity’s fall and its longing for the eschatological glorification of believers, when creation itself will be perfected in freedom and glory in the New Jerusalem—a prominent symbol for the result of the Great Work of Initiation. This is the reunification of Adam Kadmon with the Supernal Eden on the cabalistic Tree of Life—a subject that will be also examined in-depth. This is the same as the Marriage of the Lamb and Wedding Feast in the golden cube of eternity. 

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