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The Laurel Turns Green refers to a prophecy made by a Cathar priest before he was burnt at the stake by the Catholic Inquisition—about him and his Cathar brethren returning somehow to a future world. That future is now. This compendium of essays is named after this prophecy.

Join the author Alex Rivera, on his journey of unveiling. These essays were originally published on his website, TheAeonEye, and other publications. Here, you will find many subjects tackled such as the Orphic mysteries, the Hermetic philosophies of the Corpus Hermeticum, Middle and Neo-Platonism, the complex histories of miracle workers such as Jesus Christ of Nazareth, Simon the Magician, Apollonius, Iamblichus, and more.

Finally, I also tackle the hidden mysteries of the ancient Prometheus/Light-Bearer archetype and the unveiling of Kabbalistic Hollywood ritual programming embedded in the 2017 film Mother! The hidden is now manifest.

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The Book of Revelation, chapter 12, tells us of a pregnant Woman Clothed with the Sun, wailing in birth pangs. It also tells us before St. Michael flung the dragon to the earth, he pursued the winged Sun Lady to devour her and her royal child of God. But in the last moment, they are snatched away to safety.

Many have speculated that this story connects to the great celestial sign pointing to a series of future calamities which are unfolding before our eyes. These stories, symbols, and archetypes point to an emerging revelation about humanity’s secret past and ultimate destiny.

We must travel back to ancient Israel, Samaria, Egypt, Rome, Greece, and Babylon to find the origins of the Sun Lady. Why does the occult place special emphasis on the Book of Revelation? Do you have the heart and mind to discover the truth? Join me, Alex Rivera, for an exciting and dangerous journey into the esoteric and hidden dimensions of the Sun Lady Unveiled!

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