The Laurel Turns Green E-Book is Now Available for Purchase

Yo, it’s been a minute! My newest book (click on the following link) “The Laurel Turns Green” is actually out now. I am currently experimenting with Substack as a viable alternative to WordPress so we’ll see how it all turns out. You can read my first free article there called Bustin’ Out: The Stone of Prophecy and Saturn’s Return. If you want to read more, then please follow my Substack account. Yes, I know. But, even we writers gotta eat.

The book will be a compendium or collection of assorted essays that I wrote throughout the years on my The Aeon Eye blog. The hardcover edition is also out now. Peace! Here is the blurb:

The Laurel Turns Green refers to a prophecy made by a Cathar priest before he was burnt at the stake by the Catholic Inquisition—about him and his Cathar brethren returning somehow to a future world. That future is now. This compendium of essays is named after this prophecy.

Join the author Alex Rivera, on his journey of unveiling. These essays were originally published on his website, TheAeonEye, and other publications. Here, you will find many subjects tackled such as the Orphic mysteries, the Hermetic philosophies of the Corpus Hermeticum, Middle and Neo-Platonism, the complex histories of miracle workers such as Jesus Christ of Nazareth, Simon the Magician, Apollonius, Iamblichus, and more.

Finally, I also tackle the hidden mysteries of the ancient Prometheus/Light-Bearer archetype and the unveiling of Kabbalistic Hollywood ritual programming embedded in the 2017 film Mother! The hidden is now manifest.

And here is the Table of Contents:


1. The Orphic Eros and On the Origin of the World

-The Desiring Abyss

– The God-Man

– Erotic Spirits

– Erotic Philosophy

– Orphic Influence

– Final Thoughts

2. The Gods of Imagination: Alchemy, Magic, and the Quintessence

– Introduction

– Platonic Imagination

– Hermetic and Gnostic Imagination

– The Imagical Self and Conclusion

3. Theurgical Knowledge in the Chaldean Oracles of Zoroaster

– The Beholders of the Gods

– Eieiao!

4. Render Unto Caesar: Paying the Last Penny

5. Orthodox Jesus, Gnostic Christ

– Entering the Light Gates

6. False Gods, Divine Charlatans, and Those Pesky Gnostics

– Imitating Spirits and False Prophets

– The Really Bad Samaritan

– Those Pesky Gnostics

– Manichaean Tomfoolery

– Daimonic Doubles

7. Taheb: The Samaritan Messiah

– The Paters

– The Fingerprints of Dositheos

8. Those Hermetic Hustlers

– Johnny Mercury: John the Baptist in Egypt

– The Hermetic Rebirth

– Paul, Thrice Great

– Daimonic Doubles Revisited

– Asclepius Absconded

9. St. Apollonius: The Case of Apollonius’ Identity Crisis

10. Forbidden Gnosis in the Morning-Star Archetype

– The Angelic Descent

– The Lesser Secrets of Heaven

11. Breaking the Shells: An Apocalyptic Ritual Drama Analysis of Mother!

– Trouble in Supernal Paradise

– The Eternal Wound

12. Bibliography

13. About the Author